• Lilac St

    Shifted from Custom UI on Recharge to Loop

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  • Brew Chime

    Monthly variety bundle add-ons on top of brewer

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  • The Body Kitchen

    Meal subscriptions powered by Loop

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  • Seven Miles Coffee

    Have multiple bundles on store with different styles

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  • Duo Toothpaste

    Customized UI with agency partner

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  • Rise Gardens

    Membership based Bundles flow for Home & Garden brands

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  • heylinn

    Quiz based box subscriptions builder

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  • Shop Meat Box

    Grocery subscription box or bundle builder with FAQs on page

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Bundle Updates October 2023

1. Add dynamic tags to Bundle orders for workflow automation inside Shopify.

2. Limit how many times a particular order can be aded to the bundle

3. Bundle attributions are present in all 3PL integrations